Peace, Justice & the Integrity of Creation

Faith and Order

Statement of Purpose*

This committee engages in a concentrated theological effort to assist the Members of the VEC&BS in achieving its goal of manifesting the visible unity of the Church of Jesus Christ. Through ecumenical dialogue, the members of the committee seek to overcome their dividing doctrinal differences, share their diverse theological insights and forms of life as a source of mutual renewal, and re-appropriate and express their common apostolic Tradition.

This dialogue is conducted with love for truth, with charity and humility, and with some measure of theological competence. The members of the committee are expected to be able to represent the authoritative teachings and convictions of their respective Christian communities.

Each member Christian community is asked to provide two (2) officially designated representatives to this committee, with tenure of service determined by the Christian community they represent. In addition, the committee may invite consultants to participate, in a non-voting capacity. The committee chooses its chairperson and recording secretary. It meets as frequently as it deems necessary and reports to the Board of Trustees.

This Faith and Order Committee functions in consultation with the Prayer and Worship Committee and the Peace, Justice and Integrity of Creation Committee, and other committees established by the Trustees.
The activities of this committee include the following:

  • Identifying and initiating programs that advance the goal of manifesting the visible unity of the Church of Jesus Christ, as articulated in Article II of the VEC&BS Bylaws.
  • Keeping abreast of ecumenical developments — international, national and local — and disseminating information about them as appropriate to the other VEC&BS committees and the member Christian communities.
  • Drafting theological statements as requested by the Trustees or VEC&BS committees in the development of position papers.

* (revision 6/11/07)

Members serving on Faith and Order Committee

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