Peace, Justice & Integrity of Creation

PJIC* is a standing committee of the Vermont Ecumenical Council and Bible Society. Its primary task, within the context of dialogue and prayer, is to address the matter of ‘practical collaboration’ (from purpose statement), especially in the areas of social justice.

PJIC works in collaboration with the other two standing committees of the Vermont Ecumenical Council: Faith and Order and Prayer and Worship.

PJIC may receive requests and assignments from the Trustees of the Vermont Ecumenical Council, and may present projects, position papers, and proposals to the Trustees.


To hold monthly meetings for ‘intentional conversation’, sharing our witness of faith in the arenas of peace, justice and the integrity of creation.

To bring clear, informed and grounded thinking to these deliberations and to any proposals for action.

To represent the positions and resources of our denominations within these discussions as well as our own personal views and discernments.

To connect back to our denominations with persons in leadership, communication outlets, and with other individuals or work groups who are addressing these issues locally, regionally or globally.

To build relationships with other organizations engaging the issues which emerge from this pursuit of a social justice agenda.

To pursue advocacy of adopted positions and actions.

* Revised October 17, 2003


Members serving on Peace, Justice & Integrity of Creation Committee

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